<aside> 🇺🇦 Flying Lap was created with ❤️ in Ukraine. “Premium” functionality is unlocked by donating to Ukraine within the app. For more info, read below.


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“Flying Lap” is an iOS companion app designed specifically for F1 qualifying.

The app will let you know exactly which cars are on a “flying lap”, as opposed to sitting in pits or slowly driving around the track. It also shows the lap progress sector-by-sector as well as individual segments within sectors. Just by knowing this, you’ll know much much more than TV coverage, which usually only highlights just a few cars while ignoring the rest, shows you.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 13 Pro - 2022-03-23 at 16.43.06.png

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 13 Pro - 2022-03-23 at 16.43.38.png


How to install

“Flying Lap” is in an open beta and is currently available via Apple’s TestFlight. Use the link below and follow instructions to install the app on your iPhone:

Join the Flying Lap Live beta

Unlocking “Sync with TV”

“Sync with TV” is the only “premium” feature of the app, everything else is available 100% for free. To unlock “Sync with TV”, you need to make a donation to Ukraine of any amount inside the app. For that, we are using an official donation page created by Monobank, one of the top banks in Ukraine. It was officially endorsed by the Ukrainian government here. Most importantly — this service supports Apple Pay, so you can donate in mere seconds.

🇺🇦 Donations FAQ

How is my money handled?

Your donation is handled completely by Monobank, one of the largest & most trusted banks in Ukraine, inside the app. Me, a developer of F1 Flying Lap, has zero control over your donation and receives no money from it. 100% of your donations go directly to Ukraine. More info here:

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